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Three Specificities

Since the 2015 reform, the nursery school has been a fully-fledged educational cycle, which is distinguished from the other cycles by three specific features.
It covers five areas of learning. For each field, the EEC programme specifies the expectations at the end of the cycle, the content and the progress from one section to another. 

                        1                                               2                                                  3                  

Five Learning Areas 

Each of these five areas is essential to the child's development and must find its place in the organization of daily time. 
The primordial place of language in the nursery school is reaffirmed as an essential condition for everyone's success (domain 1). 
Two domains ( 2 and 3) develop the interactions between action, sensations, imagination, sensitivity and thought. 
The last two domains (4 and 5) develop a first understanding of the environment and raise their questions.

The program covers six areas that detail the curriculum:

Appropriating the language

Discover writing

Become a student

Discover the world

Act and speak with her body

Perceive, feel, imagine, create

For each domain, the EEC programme specifies the objectives, content and skills to be acquired at the end of kindergarten.