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This website is designed to strengthen the link between the school, parents and children. It caters to teachers of nursery classes, to the families concerned to engage in the academic progress of their children and to those who are interested in pre-school education.

We encourage you to deepen your information on education in kindergarten the importance which is today devoted as a key opening the door of education throughout life. Explore our website, ask us questions and make us visit. Good back to school.

Although sincerely.

The Director
Laurence SY


Ecole En Couleurs - pre-school in Dakar - aims to provide pre-school education services in accordance with the objectives and principles of the French nursery school curriculum.
The programme, curriculum and timetables are designed to provide children with the knowledge base necessary for their development. Over the years, they approach - from the very young class to the large section - the unique fundamental cycle of early learning, through its three specificities and its five learning domains.
By the end of their time at École En Couleurs, the children will have acquired the skills required in each of the areas making up the 2015 program, namely : 

  • Mobilizing language in all its dimensions; 
  • Acting, expressing oneself, understanding through physical activity ; 
  • To act, to express oneself, to understand through artistic activities; 
  • Build the first tools to structure your thinking.
  • Explore the world.

They will also have made considerable progress because Ecole en Couleursrs has perfectly integrated the three specificities of a school:

  • that adapts to young people;                                                                   
  • which organises specific learning methods;                         
  • where children will learn together and live together.

Since 1999, Ecole en Couleurs has trained several hundred children from over forty countries and four continents. For all these children, the school provides access to the main primary schools in Dakar, while guaranteeing mobile children the skills they need to integrate into schools in any other country.

Authorization to open:
School in Colours: Order of the Minister of National Education N° 22 03 2000 - 003529 /MEN/DEP
Commercial Register RC: n° 410 2001.B.410 SARL
Ninea : 2034304

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Ecole En Couleurs 
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