Ecole en Couleurs kindergarten

Ecole en Couleurs, Corniche West x extended,  Almadies  BP: 45297 Dakar-Fann, Dakar, Senegal

Ecole en Couleurs, Corniche West x extended,  Almadies  BP: 45297 Dakar-Fann, Dakar, Senegal

Join us       Contact      back to school  2019-20209      Extranet      Registration online                                Intranet

Join us       Contact      back to school  2019-20209      Extranet      Registration online                                Intranet

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Join us       Contact      back to school  2019-20209      Extranet      Registration online                                Intranet

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This site is for teachers of kindergarten, to the families concerned to be involved in academic progress of their children and to those who are interested in pre-school education. More...


Right now, you can proceed to online registration, which will allow us to know you better and send you the information that will be useful to follow the education of your child.

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Number of students per class


Number of Students per Teacher


Total effectif




Nursery school constitutes a cycle of separate teaching of other cycles by three features: a) a school that fits with young people; (b) a school that organizes modalitesspecifiques of learning; (c) a school where children go to learn together and live together.


Learning areas: 1. mobilize the language in all its dimensions.    2 Act, speak, understand through physical activity. 3 Act, speak, understand through art activities... 4. build the first tools to structure his thoughts. 5 explore the world.      


The kindergarten school: A crucial step

It's the first years we trace the path of the future. Also, decisions made during early childhood have a fundamental scope. Education in this period efforts are important and have a beneficial and multiplier effect throughout life, both in terms of saving on future costs for access to quality services.

James J. Heckman, winner in 2000 of the "Nobel Prize in Economc Sciences"

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Ecole en Couleurs regularly recruits people for a job or an internship. If your profile meets the criteria, you will be asked to meet with management.                                                                                    More


Ecole en Couleurss is a private preschool and an educational community made up of students, teaching and administrative staff, and parents of students.           More...

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To get to Ecole en Couleurs
From the airport of Dakar:
Road from the airport, direction Ngor/Almadies; at the intersection of the Corniche of the Almadies, turn left then all right.
From the Town Centre, Dakar-Plateau, Fann-Mermoz Ouakam-Mamelles:
Road of the Corniche West direction Almadies/Ngor; at the intersection of the Corniche of the Almadies, turn right then all right.



Ecole en Couleurs, the Corniche West x extended, Almadies Corniche Road BP: 45297 Dakar-Fann, Dakar, Senegal