ADMISSION 2019-2020

General Conditions

The decision of registration in a class will be based on availability and after an interview with the family and the child.

EEC Classes    /   Schedules

Ecole En Couleurs applies the French program. 
The school year runs from September to June inclusive. 
All classes are open Monday to Friday.
Cycle 1 EEC Classes Nursery School
SectionChildren born in Correspondence with the Program
Toute Petite Section
First year of the Cycle 19h  at the latest12h        to   12h45
Petite Section
Second yaer of the Cycle 18h30 aat the latest12h        to   12h45
Moyenne Section
Third year of the Cycle 18h30 at the latest12h        to    12h45
Grande Section
Troisiéme année du Cycle 1
12h        to    12h45

Re-registration Pre-registration

Ecole En Couleurs applies the French program. 
The school year runs from September to June inclusive. 
All classes are open Monday to Friday.
Cycle 1 EEC Classes Nursery School
Re-registration Pupils already registered
PrioritiesFrom Monday 11 March on site
Toute Petite Section                             
New children
(including priority siblings)
From Monday 11 March on site
Petite, Moyenne &
Grande Sections
New childrenComplete the application online
From April 02, get an appointment on site with the child 


Registration fees and tuition fees
Period    Payable no later than   Franc CFA    Equivalent €
Registration fee     
100 000 
    1st quarter 

09 - 12/2019

375 000

    2nd quarter 
01 - 03/2020
315 000
   3rd quarter 
04 - 06/2020
315 000
The registration fee is annual and is payable upon acceptance of the application. Tuition fees are quarterly and payable in advance by cheque or cash CFA franc.   
The first quarter being the longest, the amount will be slightly higher. 
Insurance costs are included in the tuition fee
Les frais d'inscription sont annuels et sont payables à l'acceptation de la demande d'inscription. 
Les frais de scolarité sont trimestriels et payables d'avance en chèque ou espèces franc CFA.   
*Le premier trimestre étant le plus long, son montant sera légèrement plus élevé. Les frais de fournitures sont comprises dedans
Les frais d’assurances sont compris dans le montant de la scolarité

School life       

The child's name must be written on the child's change of clothing, apron, bag and water bottle. Children in the Home Class who need it are asked to bring diapers and wipes with their names on them. For snacks, avoid, if possible, bringing chips, chocolates and other products that do not keep well. It is also strongly discouraged to bring bottles, pacifiers and nipples to school. For safety reasons, wearing jewelry is strongly discouraged.
The school accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of personal belongings

School / Family Communication

EEC pedagogy is based on close collaboration between the child's family and the school.    
Various means are used to ensure good communication:

The management receives by appointment.  
Each member of the teaching team can receive by appointment for a particular interview.
The communication notebook helps to maintain the link between the family and the school. 
All messages addressed to parents are inserted.  They are asked to read it, sign it and return it.

School Holiday Calendar 2019-2020
(subject to confirmation)

Opening of the School
Student re-entry
Toussaint Holidays
Christmas Holidays
February Holidays
National holiday
April Holidays
End of school year

Monday  September 02 2019
Monday Septembre 09 2019
Monday Septembre 09 2019
Thursday 17 October 2019
Friday 25 October - 04 November 2019
Friday, November 20, 2019 
Friday 20 December 2019 - Monday 06 January 2020
Friday 20 February - Monday 9 March 2020
Thursday 04 April 2020
Friday 21 April 
Friday 18 April - Monday 4 May 2020
Friday, May 24th
Wednesday 1st July 2020

Online Registration

You can now consult the registration file, contact us and, if necessary, register online, which will enable us to get to know you better and send you the information you need to monitor your child's schooling.

Pré-Inscription en ligne

  Registration File 2018 2019                                                           Contact                 

For a student attending another school?

 View Questionnaire Recommendation Evaluation Online

This evaluation and recommendation questionnaire must be completed by the student's teacher who wishes to change schools and join the School in Colours, Nursery School. The authorization of the student's parents/guardians is required. 

The teacher has the possibility to to fill the questionnaire and to send it online